Yellowcard Are Still Suing Recently-Deceased Rapper Juice WRLD

Pop-punk crew Yellowcard will continue with their suit against the late Juice WRLD.

Yellowcard Are Still Suing Recently-Deceased Rapper Juice WRLD

Earlier this year, it was revealed that pop-punk act Yellowcard would be suing rapper Juice WRLD, who they claim ripped off portions of their track Holly Wood Died for his huge hit Lucid Dreams. Many wondered if their plans would change, however, when Juice WRLD passed away on December 8. Now, however, it's revealed that though the band put the case on hold shortly after Juice's death, they now intend to see it through.

According to documents obtained by XXL shows that although the band put the case on hold after the rapper's death -- done, according to Yellowcard's attorney Richard Busch, in order to allow the band members and the world at large to digest the news -- they have now reopened it. While the previous date for those being sued was December 9 -- one day after Juice died -- it has now been set for February 4th, 2020.

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Among the people included in the lawsuit are the song’s co-writer Taz Taylor (a.k.a. Danny Lee Snodgress Jr.), his publishers Taz Taylor Beats, Artist 101 Publishing Group along with publishing administrator Kobalt Music Services; producer Nicholas Mira, his publishers Nick Mira Publishing, Electric Feel Music, and publishing administrator Songs of Universal; the song’s publisher BMG Rights Management; record label Grade A Productions; and finally, Grade A’s parent company, Interscope Records.

According to Yellowcard's complaint, "The Infringing Work and Infringing Sound Recording are not only substantially similar to the Original Work, but in some places virtually identical…The high degree of objective similarity between the Original Work and the Infringing Work extends well beyond the possibility of coincidence and could only reasonably be the result of an act of copying.”

For the record, here is Yellowcard's Holly Wood Died:

And here is Juice WRLD's Lucid Dreams:

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