16 rock and metal bands who've never let their fans down

We asked you guys to tell us who you think the most consistent rock and metal bands on the planet are. Here's what you had to say…

16 rock and metal bands who've never let their fans down
Kerrang! staff

Whether they’ve kept the same line-up for decades, never released a bad album across a lengthy back-catalogue, or always put on the absolute best live show no matter what, some bands simply can’t be beaten for consistency. So we asked you guys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tell us who you think the most consistent band in history are (and why), and came to the wonderful realisation that there a ton of bands who have simply never let their fans down. From good ol' rock'n'roll to straight-up heavy metal to those who are more experimentally inclined, some musicians genuinely can't put a foot wrong. And we're very lucky to have them…


Elliott via Facebook: "Without question or pause, the first band that jump to mind regarding consistency is AC/DC! Even with the change of singer, their music is instantly recognisable. Lots of other bands are very consistent, but AC/DC probably have the most consistently recognisable catalogue."

James via Facebook: "None of us want them doing anything different. One of the few constants we can rely on."

Troy via Facebook: "They never even changed their clothes for 50 years."

Foo Fighters

Rob via Facebook: "They have aged like a fine wine and just become musically better year by year."

Matt via Twitter: "Popularity never wavered, every album a success in its own right, one of the few bands on the planet that sell out the venue no matter the size."

Andy via Facebook: "Not a band but Dave Grohl to me exemplifies musical consistency."


Alberto via Twitter: "Not a single dud in their discography (and yes, that includes Saturday Night Wrist and Gore)."

Michael via Facebook: "Even the least acclaimed albums of their catalogue – Adrenaline, Saturday Night Wrist and Gore – would form most bands' top three records. Just eight stomper LPs from start to finish."

xaviermaciasgye via Instagram: "Always innovating and yet it feels and sounds like Deftones the second you hear it."

Mohammad via Facebook: "They literally can't make bad music. Mini Maggit was their attempt and that shit still slapped."


Sam via Twitter: "Never made a bad album and have evolved and changed."

LadMuscles via Twitter: "imo there is literally no bad Gojira song, they all slap."

Rachelle via Facebook: "Hands down. Love all their albums beginning to end."

Iron Maiden

Julian via Facebook: "It's not even close – great album after great album."

Graham via Facebook: "Though they've been through a few line-up changes before giving us over 20 years of the current line-up, they've always had a familiar approach to songwriting that is unique to them. From the first album they've also had their own visual identity is always going to be unmistakably them."

myworldinbluewithtriumphbobber via Instagram: "Consistent drive to make history’s best music and most energetic and epic concerts ever! Up the Irons."

eliandrade2112 via Instagram: "Every album has that classic sound and feeling and type of lyrics, one of the greatest bands ever."

Every Time I Die

Joshua via Facebook: "Live and on record, no stinkers, always on 10. Long live ETID."

Kevin via Facebook: "Consistently release incredible work that is always heavy, fast, witty and intelligent."

Saltwater Injection via Twitter: "Spot on for 20 years now, never heard anything but a great album, never seen anything but an awesome gig."


Neil via Twitter: "Admittedly they take their time but every album is a masterpiece. No-one can argue against that."

chris_chernobyl via Instagram: "One member change but relevant for three decades."

Linkin Park

j_killer1010 via Instagram: "From the days of Hybrid Theory and Meteora to Minutes To Midnight to One More Light, all extremely successful, legends and pioneers of the rock/rap era! RIP Chester!!"

Kieran via Facebook: "They kept the same line-up and although their music evolved over time it never dropped in quality."


thepope_sam via Twitter: "I don't think I've heard a bad album by them so far and the remixes are pretty cool."

Jordan via Facebook: "Still all the original band members, and still have a solid industrial sound."

paintingsbydwayne via Instagram: "They always come out with amazing jams and they never try being a lame pop band. Every album is hard to skip a song."

Enter Shikari

Charlotte via Facebook: "Consistently good, they keep their sound fresh and they grown through the years. I've never been disappointed to see one of their shows (and I've been to about 15 in the past six years) they put 150% into their performances and music."

Liam via Facebook: "They have consistently produced high quality music, books and shows without dumbing down. Catch them live and it's like the universe makes sense."


lucasbell via Instagram: "Never put out anything bad and rocked louder and harder than anyone else with more passion than anyone else."

Steve via Facebook: "Never changed… never sold out. If it ain't broke don't fix it."

oneenrico77 via Instagram: "They don't care about any trend."

Kristopher via Facebook: "Without a doubt the most consistent over 40 years. Always remained true, Lemmy never sold out and did whatever the hell he wanted. We are Motörhead… we played rock'n'roll!"

All Time Low

the_pvmpkin.krypel via Instagram: "Never got drama, always good to their fans, never made a bad record. Alex has had the same haircut since like 2008. They never miss and I love them."

val_e_r_i_e via Instagram: "Every album they put out they've grown in some way, but when you hear their songs you instantly know it's them."

Papa Roach

saintskittlez via Instagram: "I have seen them six times (I’m an avid concert goer) and every time they are better than the last!!! Jacoby always gets the crowd going and interacting with fans!"

mark_flack1 via Instagram: "Every album they have made has been better than the last, their sound remains consistent and every track has heart and soul poured into each lyric without fail."


Tom via Facebook: "30 years, 12 albums, and not one bad one amongst them. See also: Orange Goblin, Mastodon and Rush."

John via Facebook: "They always throw down a solid show and they tour all the time. Their new album is kickass."

Richard via Facebook: "Same members from the start, all their albums are amazing, I’ve never seen them perform poorly and they are lovely guys."

Jay via Facebook: "Every album is chalked full of great song, beginning to end. Great riffs, great lyrics, awesome live band."

Chris via Facebook: "No line-up changes needed in 30 years. Professional rock'n'rollers. No band albums, no really bad songs either. Amazing live, always deliver 110%."

Jimmy Eat World

Oliver via Facebook: "The only band from the original first emo wave in the early ’90s still making great albums to this day. They've also surpassed any recent efforts by bands from the second wave that formed around the turn of the century."

Ross via Facebook: "10th album and the newest Surviving is in my top five out of all of them. Vocals are even better too."

Hayden via Facebook: "Not a bad record in 25 years and not really had to change their sound too much to sound new and fresh."


Tanvir via Facebook: "Never put out a poor album amongst 19 studio albums."

Angel via Facebook: "Same world class line-up for 40+ years… and 20 amazing albums… they are your favourite musicians' favourite musicians!"

Greg via Facebook: "Not only staying together but consistently good output. Many fans argue (as I do) that their last album was actually one of the best. Hard to think of many bands who put out a great record at the end of a four-decade career."

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