A Megadeth Track Is Featured In The New iPhone Ad

Check out Apple's new documentary-style iPhone ad, featuring Megadeth's thrash classic Last Rites/Loved To Death.

A Megadeth Track Is Featured In The New iPhone Ad

Mother Nature is, when all is said and done, metal as fuck. The people at Apple are apparently aware of this fact, as they've used Last Rites/Loved To Death, the opening track of Megadeth's debut album Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good, to soundtrack a new documentary-style ad featuring some of nature's craziest images.

The video's theme is about how iPhone XS can shoot professional-style nature footage, which they show by displaying the kinds of awesome, insane shots one can get with the phone. But the whole thing would be nothing without the dulcet pianos giving way to Dave Mustaine's writhing guitar lead.

Check out the surprisingly awesome ad below:

Speaking to Kerrang! about the process of selecting songs for Megadeth's new best-of collection, Dave said, "There were times where it was hard and at certain times it was easy, like putting [1986’s] The Conjuring on there. Now that we’re playing it live again, it’s interesting because so many people never heard it. There’s a new generation of Megadeth fans that weren’t around when we played it live and are just hearing it now.

"Then there’s songs like [1999’s] Wanderlust, which is a very personal song to me," mused Dave, "because it reminds me of a really emotional scene in one of my favourite movies, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: these prisoners are being beaten and there’s this feeling that it elicited in me that I wrote the music over. The lyrics to that song are a basic metaphor about being a guitar player. People call us gunslingers – lead guitar players like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai – but normal guitar players like myself are just that: guitar players (laughs)."

"I wax nostalgic all the time," added Dave. "There’s all this crazy talk on the internet about [Serbian-American inventor] Nikola Tesla being a time-traveller, which I find fascinating. I don’t believe it – but boy if I did, I’d be the first in line to just watch what we did! We changed the world."

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