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Alex Baker on the bands and artists to watch in 2022

Kerrang! Radio presenter Alex Baker picks the best new bands and artists who are well on their way to having a massive year…

Alex Baker on the bands and artists to watch in 2022
Alex Baker

2022, a year of change, a year of wonder, a year of opportunity, a year of… what a load of bollocks. I’m writing this while isolating away from my entire family because I’ve got bloody, stinking COVID. Meanwhile, the Tories are probably planning another fucking party where they can drink booze and come up with yet more ways to take the piss out of the law-abiding citizens of the UK.

Too political? Not political enough, my friends…

Still, it’s not all bad. There’s going to be some bloody amazing breakthroughs this year! Last January I was telling you how Wargasm, Dana Dentata and Bob Vylan were going to have amazing years and – BOOM! – what years they had. So, pay close attention to the below, people, as we gaze into my crystal ball…


Following her singles Piano and Like (including the absolutely amazing backstory video, Ekeoma – honestly look it up, it’s magical), Alissic has established herself as one of the most exciting musicians and performance artists in the known universe. I know this is a massive claim, but I am getting serious early-Björk vibrations from Alissic. She is an artist that doesn’t just write interesting music, but creates worlds, and that is a true gift. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what comes next from her in 2022, but one thing I know with absolute certainty is that it will be refreshing and bloody brilliant.


LA’s phem is an artist who has been a mainstay of my show Kerrang! Radio since I first discovered her incredible grunge-pop sounds a few years back. She’s collaborated with everyone from Machine Gun Kelly to The Used, but away from those more established names, they're a solid-gold artist in their own right. Bridging the gap between the alternative and pop worlds with an effortless grace, phem’s music has wide appeal, but be under no illusion – she’s a rock star. She’s also a fascinating person, with a profound interest in manifestation that we ended up talking about on-air for about 45 minutes last year. The gift to UK fans in 2022 is that phem will be manifesting their way over here and making a mark in a big way. More on that ASAP.

Kid Bookie

Kid Bookie is quite simply one of the most talented people on Earth. He's the real deal. If he’s not laying down a big riff, he’s firing out bars at 100,000 words per minute. Kid Bookie is exactly what this world needs, an artist: someone who pushes sonic boundaries, simply by being himself. His album Cheaper Than Therapy dropped last year and (as you’d expect from the title) it’s a raw work that reaches out and grabs you by, well… every last emotion you have. In 2022 I fully expect to see a lot of Bookie as people realise what a groundbreaking album he put out. If you’ve not already got involved, make this year the year that you jump on him! Not literally, obvs…


Look carefully and you’ll see Harpy moving silently through the cinematic darkness. She’s laying in wait, honing and crafting her sound, and in 2022 I’m expecting an emergence of the highest order. If you’re a fan of bands like Worship and Bring Me The Horizon, if you're into dream-like sonics and powerful lyrics, then Harpy may well light up your world. The Harpy revolution is coming.


One of the best voices in rock, worldwide? Easily. Amazing songs? You better-believe-it! Cassyette isn’t yet, but she should be one of the biggest artists in alternative music, of all time. Slowly and steadily the world is waking up to that fact. 2022 is yours, Cassyette.

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