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The News Henry Rollins announces huge Good To See You 2022 tour

Henry Rollins’ famous talking shows’ are set to hit the UK and Europe next year, as the punk legend will be crossing the pond for a 43-date tour…

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From giant worms to rainforest frogs, all of these animals have taken their names from real-life rock stars

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A look at Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea’s most rocking roles

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Bands sure loved making movie cameos in the 90s. As this exhaustive list will attest…

The News Henry Rollins Will Voice Tri-Klops In Netflix's He-Man Reboot

Legendary hardcore frontman Henry Rollins will voice the character of Tri-Klops in Kevin Smith’s reboot of He-Man.

Features The wit and wisdom of Henry Rollins: 25 of his best quotes

Sometimes amusing, sometimes inspiring, these are some of Henry Rollins’ greatest quips and quotes…


The punk icon is a man of many talents. Watch out, Picasso!