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Features 18 Of The Most Evil Songs That Aren't Metal

Sick of distortion? Too hungover for blastbeats? Here’s a list of tracks as fiendish and twisted as any metal song.

Features 13 Artists Who Actually Scared People

To kick off the Halloween season, here are 13 bands who made the world gasp in genuine fear.

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Think Green Day’s Billie Joe collaborating with Morrissey is weird? Here are ten guest spots that’ll have you wondering what happened…


At least everyone at the show got their money’s worth.

Features A Brief History Of Clowns In Rock

Sorry Coulrophobics, you might want to look away now…

The News Insane Clown Posse Fans Could Clash With Trump Supporters In Washington DC

There’s a march in support of the President planned next month – problem is, the Juggalos are already on the move, on the same streets.