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Features The Last Back To School Jam Is A Fitting Funeral For A Killer Fest

The final Back To School Jam made us wish this yearly hardcore fest would never end.

Features We Talked To Council Member And Former Hardcore Guitarist Justin Brannan About Hardcore And Politics

We chatted with Justin about his background in hardcore, politics, and the myriad ways in which they intersect.

The News Former Hardcore Guitarist NYC Councilman To Introduce Bill To Ban Hidden Ticket Fees

When I was a touring musician, live shows were about having fun and building a sense of community — not nickel and diming kids who like music.”

The News Check Out This Ridiculous Anti-Heavy Music Political Attack Ad

The New York City Republicans made a very embarrassing little video and it totally backfired.

The News NYHC Stalwart Justin Brannan Got Elected To The New York City Council

The Indecision and Most Precious Blood guitarist has been elected to the New York City Council.