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Reviews Album Review: Sepultura – Quadra

Sepultura continue to bring the heavy on rampaging 15th album, Quadra

The News Sepultura Announce New Album Quadra

Sepultura are releasing a new concept album called Quadra next year

Features The 50 Best Album Openers In Metal

Here’s a definitive list of the 50 best first tracks in heavy metal history…

Features 11 Bands Who Wouldn't Be Here Without Sepultura

On the anniversary of Chaos A.D.’s release, here are 11 bands who owe it all to the boys from Brazil.

Features The 50 Best Albums Of 1989

Here are the 50 albums that changed the face of rock 30 years ago.

The News Sepultura Banned From Playing Lebanon For Being 'Devil Worshippers'

Brazilian thrashers Sepultura are banned from playing Lebanon over accusations of “insulting Christianity” and “devil worship.”

Features Arise Is The Album That Made Sepultura Great

In honor of the 28th anniversary of its international release, we look at how Sepultura’s Arise changed the band, and metal as a whole.


Sepultura’s founding member Max Cavalera discusses their seminal album Roots

Features 10 Classic Albums That Were 30 Years Old In 2019

The musical landscape was hugely different in 1989 with actual, real-life money being made from music! Can you imagine?! Here are 10 of the best albums that celebrated their 30th birthday this year…

Features 20 Of Our Favorite Band Name Origins

Public indecency, killer prostitutes, and a million corpses are among the best explanations for the names of some of your favorite bands.

The News Check Out These Amazing Photos From The Recording Of Around The Fur

Gloria Cavalera, wife and manager of Max Cavalera, recently shared on her​​​ blog​ a load of film photos taken during sessions for the Deftones’ 1997 masterpiece.