As It Is drop “intensely dark” new single IN THREES, featuring Set It Off and JodyPurp

Set It Off’s Cody Carson and JodyPurp lend their vocals to As It Is’ latest single, taken from upcoming album I WENT TO HELL AND BACK.

As It Is drop “intensely dark” new single IN THREES, featuring Set It Off and JodyPurp
Emily Carter

As It Is have followed up ace November single I Miss 2003 with a collaborative, dark new tune, IN THREES.

Featuring Set It Off’s Cody Carson and JodyPurp, the latest single from upcoming LP I WENT TO HELL AND BACK (due out on February 4 via Fearless), is about "internal fires that start inside of our heads with having zero energy and no interest in extinguishing".

"Instead, we let the fire spread, consuming every room inside our mind and let it burn down everything inside," explains Ronnie Ish. "It's about accepting defeat, making a bed in the darkness, and succumbing to that alternate reality."

Vocalist Patty Walters reveals that it was inspired by "spending too much time all alone in your head. You start to build an alternate reality, where what's 'true' is twisted and contorted, and after enough time, it becomes reality. And it leaves you hurt and spiteful and violent and numb.

"It's an intensely dark listen, both lyrically and musically, but it was a total opposition experience to create."

Listen to IN THREES:

And read the lyrics below:

The fire inside of my head got out
I don’t give a fuck if the house burns down
I’ll bury myself in a bed and wait for the party to end
I’m not in the mood to attend now

Pack up all my problems til they sear inside my brain
Can’t tell pain from pleasure, but I know they’re not the same
Light up all the candles like it’s time to celebrate
and wish all my problems away (kill the flame)

Misery don’t sleep, dying to take back what it gave me
Tragedy comes in threes – third-degree apathy

I think that I’m learning to hope (oh no),
or maybe just learning to cope (no)
The kitchen is filling with smoke, I’m breathing in only to choke;
I know I could try, but I won’t

Trapped in the pits of my mind when I’m stepping outside, I feel lost all the time
I bury my feelings alive, it all comes with a price, it’s I do or I die
When lying is all that I got cause it hard to survive when you’re living this life,
and death is a bit of a bitch so I step to the side and I swallow my pride (oh no).

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