Clutch Kill All Lawyers In Awesome New Video

In Ghoul Wrangler, Clutch frontman Neil Fallon uses folk magic to deal with some pesky legal matters.

Clutch Kill All Lawyers In Awesome New Video

Do you suffer from an infestation of lawyers? Are these pesky undead scavengers lurking in your home or barn, talking circles around you and threatening you with legal action and/or dismemberment?

Not to worry -- Maryland boogie rockers and folk magic purveyors Clutch are here to help. Not only expert crab cake chefs, Clutch are also experienced exterminators of the bureaucratic menace lurking in your crawlspace and basement. They know what it's like to be kept up all night to the sounds of claws raked across floorboards and lunch dates being made, and they're here to help.

The band's new video for Ghoul Wrangler shows frontman Neil Fallon outlining the basic steps to dealing with your lawyer problem. First thing's first, you have to arm yourself with the proper gear and folk spells. Second, you have to corner the legalese outbreak using traps and intimidation tactics. Finally, you've got to get in there and wipe out the problem down to the very last litigator, so that there's no chance a nest of first-year associates is allowed to bloom into a new full-fledged epidemic.

Watch the Ghoul Wrangler video below for a more detailed depiction of how to keep your home lawyer-free:

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