Danny Worsnop Gives A Heartwarming Performance At A Fan's Wedding

Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria flew out to give an intimate performance of Angels at a fan's wedding.

Danny Worsnop Gives A Heartwarming Performance At A Fan's Wedding

Finally, something wholesome and sweet: Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop flew out to a couple’s wedding in Wichita, Kansas, for an intimate performance of his touching song Angels, a slow love song written for his fiancée. You can watch the official music video for the song below:

The couple, Chuck and Danae Marsh, reached out to Danny in December to see if he could make an appearance. Luckily, he was very willing, he even tweeted about it afterward. He sat down with an acoustic guitar to make the day even more special and take pictures with the bride and groom.

In an interview Kerrang! did with Danny, he revealed 10 songs that changed his life. He didn’t fail to bring his own music into it, including a couple of Asking Alexandria tracks and his solo song High. “It was hard to write because it’s so vulnerable,” he admitted to Kerrang! about the intimate track. “I’ve never taken more than a day to write a song, apart from in the case of High, which took me a week. I finally finished it late one night before blacking out – I can’t actually remember completing it.

"I sat down a couple of days later to work on it, went into the files on my phone and there was a recording in there of the finished track," he added. "It’s difficult for me to open up that much, to the extent that it was heartbreaking for me to write the words down. I was admitting so much about myself that I didn’t want to – stuff I’d been denying for so long.”

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