I Am Morbid Frontman David Vincent Picks His Top 5 Horror Movies

Former Morbid Angel frontman in liking horror movies shocker.

I Am Morbid Frontman David Vincent Picks His Top 5 Horror Movies

David Vincent is the former singer/bassist of legendary Floridian death metallers Morbid Angel. From 1986 to 1995 he and the band put out several seminal and top-selling albums that helped shape extreme music for the following decades. The performer is touring soon with I Am Morbid and has given his dulcet deep voice to British horror animation Realm of the Damned. In the new film he plays hero Alberic Van Helsing who fights the evil Balaur voiced by Dani Filth of UK black metallers Cradle of Filth.

We caught up with David to ask why he got involved with Realm of the Damned; "I get asked to work on a lot of stuff, but I'm very picky what I work on. I have to respond to it, and I really liked this material". And we asked asked him for his top 5 horror movies of all time to celebrate the film's release. 

Jaws (1975)

"The absolute scariest movie at the time it came out - the one that frightened me the most and had the most lasting impact on me - was Jaws. It took me a long time to get over and it literally made me not want to go in the ocean. I didn't even want to go in the deep end of the swimming pool! If I couldn't see the bottom I'd be concerned that a shark was going to get me - that's how much impact it had on me when I was 5 or 6 years old. That was the absolute most frightening thing. It's not really a horror but it's plausible. There's a chance it could happen. So many people go to the beach, I can't be alone in the impression it made on me."

Re-Animator (1985)

"I also really like Re-Animator, not because it's scary but because it's essentially Lovecraftian, and I'm a big fan of HP Lovecraft and the way he tells stories. Obviously in the book in has a lot more interesting details in it, it's a great book, and with editing the movie could only have a part of it."

Evil Dead (1981) & Evil Dead II (1987)

"Next would be the first two Evil Dead movies. The first one was somewhat startling. The second one, some folks complain, "Oh it's just kind of humorous" and in a way it is, but it really demonstrated the madness that the ancient ones have - the complete mindlessness. I mean when a man is literally attacked by his own arm! It always struck me. The second film also started growing the character of Ash, and what he was going through as an antihero. So it's a toss-up between the first two but I think they're both important."

Hammer Film Productions (Any 1955 - 1979)

"A top 5 is a difficult, because I always like things for different reasons. But I would sayon an ordinary day, any of those top 5 - or probably all 5 of them - would be from Hammer. I am just a huge fan of their gothic look. No-one had the texture, the over-colouration of the blood etc etc that those guys had. And all of them being Shakespearean trained actors that they teamed for hundreds of movies. So any of those, plus Hammer House of Horror, which I guess was a TV series - is always my first choice."

Realm of the Damned is available now on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital on Amazon and Swigit.

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