Exclusive Premiere: Metal Talk Show Two Minutes To Late Night Goes Out With A Celebrity-Packed Bang

Celebrity comedians, black metal bar mitzvahs, and Thin Lizzy covers fill the season finale of metal talk show Two Minutes To Late Night.

Exclusive Premiere: Metal Talk Show Two Minutes To Late Night Goes Out With A Celebrity-Packed Bang

For the past couple of years, metal talk show Two Minutes To Late Night has given the underground metal community something to cackle at. From their shadowy home on stage at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus, the guys on the show -- host Gwarsenio Hall, perpetual buzzkill Hard Melissa, and house band Mutoid Man, among others -- have done it all, from performing Prince covers with Baroness to getting piss thrown on them by Blondie. But all good things must die choking on their own blood, and so Two Minutes is officially releasing their season finale.

"We wanted to make it as big as possible and make it feel rewarding to the folks who have been watching since the beginning," Gwarsenio, AKA Jordan Olds, told us in our profile of the show. "If you’ve never seen the show, we made sure that there’s enough exposition to help you understand the narrative. But, like, if the first thing you are watching from a show is an episode called ‘Finale,’ then you are probably a maniac."

But maniacs rejoice -- even if this is your first foray of Two Minutes To Late Night, you're in for one hell of a ride. For their final episode of the season, Gwarsenio and Co. are giving viewers everything they've ever written about in their dream journal. There's a western motif that quickly falls through, a Gwar mitzvah featuring a reading for the Evil Dead II DVD case, an interview with Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman, guest appearances by Janeane Garofalo and Dave Hill, and even a couple of heartbreakingly badass Thin Lizzy covers. It'll make you laugh your ass off, pump your fist, and -- if you've been following the show like a lot of us -- it might even squeeze a tear or two out of you.

Watch the season finale of Two Minutes below. Here's hoping it's just the beginning for the show.

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