Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins Gets Psychedelic And Heartwarming In New Music Video

The new video from Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is insane in the most adorable way possible.

Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins Gets Psychedelic And Heartwarming In New Music Video

You gotta give it to Taylor Hawkins -- he's doing his own thing. The Foo Fighters drummer could've easily made his new album with his band The Coattail Riders an imitation of his main gig and make bank off of all the fans out there who probably just want Foos II: Son Of Foos. Instead, Taylor has added heavy doses of both ’70s bombast and ’90s innocence to his album Get The Money, making it something uniquely his own. Case in point, Taylor has just released a new video for the track Middle Child, and it's a sweet, bizarre visualization that will have fans endeared to his current project.

The video stars Taylor in leggings and a Tom Petty-ish cap alongside his real-life daughter Annabelle. Following the lyrics of the track -- which features Dave Grohl on guitar -- the video shows Taylor watching as his little girl is inundated with the madness, despair, and banality of modern times. Instead of letting these things swallow her, Hawkins takes Annabelle to a trippy fantasy world where unicorns soar through the air and wildfires are for roasting marshmallows first and foremost. It's a sweet tribute to one's kid, especially when you grew up in the ’70s and they have to grow up now.

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Check out the video for Middle Child below:


Get The Money earned a 3/5 review from Kerrang!, with our own James Mackinnon writing, "The undisputed highlight is the title-track, which lambasts the self-importance of rock stars. Taking a slinky reggae groove for a walk on the wild side, Taylor trades barbed quips with Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde. ‘You’re a spoiled brat / Think you deserve this crap?’ he shouts, knowingly; ‘A grown man acting like a child,’ she purrs. Yet it’s the subsequent voodoo meltdown that amazes. The flamenco-flavoured drama even causes guitarist Joe Walsh of the Eagles to lose his characteristic cool, delivering a squiggly blues solo at finger-blistering velocity. Simply, it’s conga-slapping magic."

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