Greg Puciato announces F*ck Content, the album

Greg Pucatio's incredible F*ck Content livestream will be released as an album with five new songs…

Greg Puciato announces F*ck Content, the album
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Following on from his amazing Fuck Content livestream – which Kerrang! called "a daring showcase of artistic freedom" in our review – Greg Puciato has announced an album version of the performance.

Greg's companion piece to the stream is out now via Bandcamp, and will hit streaming services – appropriately – on Christmas Day. As well as the live versions of many songs on his debut solo album Child Solider: Creator Of God, Greg will be unveiling five previously unreleased songs on the record: You, Staring At Me, Staring At You; Absence As A Presence; Don’t Wanna Deal; Crazy All Around and Lying At The Bottom Of The Sky.

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Speaking of the original Fuck Content stream, Greg revealed: "I wanted to make the modern equivalent of a VHS release you would have bought from a band decades ago, but with more of an arthouse sensibility. Like any other thing I’ve released, and that we’ve released with Federal Prisoner, it was born from excitement and flamed up really quickly from the initial spark into what it became."

Check out the full Fuck Content tracklist below:

1. You, Staring At Me, Staring At You*
2. Heaven Of Stone (live)
3. Creator Of God (live)
4. Fire For Water (live)
5. Deep Set (live)
6. Fireflies (live)
7. Do You Need Me To Remind You (live)
8. Absence Excerpt (live)
9. Roach Hiss (live)
10. Down When I’m Not (live)
11. Evacuation (live)
12. September City (live)
13. Absence As A Presence*
14. Don’t Wanna Deal*
15. Crazy All Around*
16. Lying At The Bottom of the Sky*

(*= Previously unreleased songs)

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