If Mötley Crüe Can Get Back Together, Then Anything Is Possible

Is the Mötley Crüe reunion just a sign of things to come?

If Mötley Crüe Can Get Back Together, Then Anything Is Possible

They said it wouldn’t happen. They said it shouldn’t happen. They said it legally couldn’t happen. And yet, here we are, one day removed from the Mötley Crüe reunion and to be honest, nobody knows what to believe any more. Down is white, up is black, and Mick Mars is actually going to play again. The world of rock is in disarray and nothing makes sense.

In the space of the past three weeks, reunions have been coming thick and fast. Creeper? Check. My Chemical Romance? You betcha. Rage Against The Machine? Oh yes! But none of these bands said they wouldn’t get back together: in fact, it was always kind of assumed both Creeper and My Chem would return in some form, but Crüe actually signed a cessation of touring contract to stop any cashing in on (yet another) comeback run.

Until they blew it up. Literally. Seriously, there’s a video to prove it.

So what are we as rock fans meant to think at this revelation? If a band who so publicly announced their retirement from the stage (notching up over 150 shows on their farewell tour) can come back out the woodwork after less than four years’ absence, then shall we be preparing ourselves for even more?

Countless bands over the years have said it would never happen, but the allure of the stage (and money) was too strong. Hell, even ABBA are back in hologram form and they probably still hate each other. But is this just the beginning? Now we’re staring 2020 in the face with an active RATM, MCR and Mötley Crüe (Fun fact, all of them have played the main stage at Download in the past decade), are we going to see every band come back from the dead like a reverse Curse Of 2016?

One more Sabbath show isn’t out of the question, depending on the condition of Ozzy. But it could go much further than that, deep into the annals of rock. Calls for a Zeppelin reunion are endless, as are those for Pink Floyd. Oasis must be round the corner, too.

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Guns N’ Roses are back and bigger than ever. Nirvana sort-of-reformed for one day last year. The Kinks are apparently gearing up for something, and those brothers reaaaaaally don’t get on.

Nothing is a certainty any more. We’re through Crüe’s coke-covered looking glass and the possibilities are endless. If the band whose song and dance about a legally binding document can be overturned, then creative differences can surely be resolved if the opportunities are right. Slayer are just about to split up, but now they’ll probably be back by 2025.

There’s almost guaranteed to be one more big reunion before the year is out and at this point, why the hell not! The more the bloody merrier. So when Sepultura get back together with Max, or Mudvayne reform, or Hole announce a comeback tour, you can thank Nikki Sixx for his contributions to the destruction music industry legislation. Or their management team for ironing out the paperwork.

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