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5 TV series and movies to watch while you wait for Boris Johnson to resign

From tortured testicles to comedy crime scenes, here’s what you need to be watching this weekend…

5 TV series and movies to watch while you wait for Boris Johnson to resign
Kerrang! staff

If you've been anywhere near the news this week, you'll know there is frankly TOO MUCH GOING ON. From British political turmoil to the New York Times buying Wordle to Neil Young giving Spotify the finger, it's been quite the week. So what better time to put your phone down and lose yourself in something new…

Disney+Pam & Tommy

The story behind one of the most famous sex tapes on the planet. In the ’90s there were few couples more famous than Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and after a disgruntled worker stole a private video from their home, suddenly their world was turned upside-down. Starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan in the title roles (it’s genuinely amazing how similar they look to their real-life counterparts), this isn’t a salacious series filled with partial nudity; instead it breaks down just how damaging an invasion of privacy can be, as well as acting as a strange time capsule of when the internet was still a niche concern to those wanting to see naked people.

Out now on Disney+.

In cinemasJackass Forever

Like the song goes: if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough. And despite it being 20 years since they first appeared on our screens, the Jackass crew are just as dumb, tough and loveable as ever. Over the course of 90 minutes we see this group of best friends continue injure themselves for our (and their own) amusement – from firing Johnny Knoxville out of a cannon to trapping a salmon-covered Danger Ehren in a room with a bear to dumping gallons of pig semen over Dave England, you’ll be squirming and squawking with laughter. There’s something oddly warming and wholesome watching this band of brothers (and new sister) continue to cheer at bruises and broken bones… and kick each other in the nads at any opportunity.

Out now in cinemas. Read our full review.

NetflixThe Tinder Swindler

Have you ever been chatting to someone you met on Tinder and thinking, ‘This person is too good to be true?’ Well, as we find in this new doc, sometimes they are. Known as The Tinder Swindler to his victims (and now millions of people thanks to Netflix), we discover how various women were not only catfished but screwed out of their savings by someone they thought they loved. But what starts as a rather grim tale soon turns into one of redemption as three women try to track down their anonymous seducer (who also turns out to be a fugitive) and get some well-deserved payback.

Out now on Netflix.


From Arrested Development to BoJack Horseman, Will Arnett is a comic genius, and in this new improvised series we see just how far he’s willing to go for a bit – and how much he can make other people laugh when faced with a grisly murder. Starring as detective Terry Seattle, a series of famous people – from Conan O’Brien to Sharon Stone – are tasked with solving a series of bloody killings, only it’s all improvised and they have no idea what’s coming next. Yes, it’s basically an American version of the BBC series Murder In Successville but with a Netlix budget. What’s not to like?

Out now on Netflix.

Prime VideoReacher

Do you like totally ripped dudes cracking wise and punching bad guys in the head? Well, have Amazon got something for you! Based on the Jack Reacher books, this new series follows the former army hero as he’s sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, then recruited to help solve a criminal conspiracy in his typical showboaty, take-no-prisoners way. Punching, kicking, headbutting, one-liners, and some guns, if you squint hard enough, it’s like Arnie never left.

Out now on Prime Video.

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