Poppy teases new music and her next era

Following October’s Stagger EP, it looks like Poppy is already getting ready to drop more new music…

Poppy teases new music and her next era
Emily Carter

It looks as though Poppy is getting ready to launch her next era!

The artist has wiped her Instagram completely, bar one very intriguing new video, which sees her filmed in black and white, lying in a coffin and screaming… something. The caption reads: “this is the dress I want to be buried in…”

Whatever comes next for Poppy will follow her October EP, Stagger. Of course, as she told us in her Kerrang! Cover Story, that release was written and recorded in December 2021, while she was coming to terms with a personal situation. “It was the dissolve of a very traumatic relationship,” she recalled. “It was a very quick dissolve.”

Of how Stagger helped “make sense” of what had happened, she added: “Music, for me, has always been like an exhale. I feel sometimes when I get too cloudy in the head, I have to write things down and it helps me make sense of the things that I deal with on a personal level.”

Presumably, then, as we’re a year on from the writing and recording of Stagger, Poppy has spent the past 12 months working on fresh material… and we can’t wait to hear what she does next.

Check out Poppy’s new teaser below:

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