Remember when Sonic Youth appeared on Gilmore Girls?

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore – and their then-11-year-old daughter – appeared in season six of Gilmore Girls. 2006 was a weird time for everyone, wasn’t it?

Remember when Sonic Youth appeared on Gilmore Girls?
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For a set of vanguard-dwelling iconoclasts, Sonic Youth were never too averse to engaging with the mainstream; occasionally emerging from the ether to appear in The Simpsons or christen a side-project after Madonna’s surname or whatever. Perhaps their most surreal encounter with full-bore popular culture arrived in a performance on the U.S. TV show Gilmore Girls, a series about a rich teen with non-problems (there was once an entire season story arc about how frustrating it is when your grandparents won’t stop buying you nice things, for instance) that rich teens with non-problems seemed to really enjoy.

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore made the cameo in 2006 (in season 6, episode 22, FYI) alongside their then-11-year-old daughter Coco, who plays bass and was a massive fan of the show. For some reason, there appears to be another three or four people just kind of hanging out playing acoustic guitars simultaneously in the main square of Stars Hollow, a name that seems to ring with an odd amount of despair, doesn’t it? The stars being ancient symbols of adventure, comfort, possibility and hope but burning hollow and empty here in this town full of smart-mouthed children and buskers filling the night air with three or four different songs at once, a horrible cacophony of sentimental discordance.

Anyway, the song is a stripped down version of What A Waste from the album Sonic Youth would go on to release that year called Rather Ripped.

Watch the clip right here:

And check out the rest of Rather Ripped:

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