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Features Into The Void: How Myrkur And Zeal & Ardor Are Changing Black Metal

Black metal has a rich and storied history, but that doesn’t mean it’s yesterday’s news. Zeal & Ardor and Myrkur are just two acts leading the charge of the new breed. They’re two very different artists, but both are determined to broaden minds and horizons to help create a bright future for music’s darkest genre…

Features False Premiere Their Devastating New Album, Portent

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to the Minnesota black metal outfit’s sophomore release in advance of its release this Friday.

The News Vegan Cro-Mag John-Joseph To Animal Blood-Drenched Watain: “Don’t F*cking Sit Next To Me!”

Vegan hardcore frontman John Joseph tells us about being stuck on a bus with a blood-covered black metaller….

Features South Of Heaven Is The Album Where Slayer Became Truly Evil

On the anniversary of its release, we look at the album that earned Slayer their place in Hell.

Features Refuse, Resist: How Black Metal Is Fighting Fascism

Have you heard the news? Everything still sucks. But with the very real threat of fascism on the rise across the globe, a righteous band of new black metal artists are uniting to do something about it. As can you…

The News This Powerful Metal Compilation Benefits Reproductive Rights

Riffs For Reproductive Justice features 33 metal tracks, with all proceeds going to aid reproductive rights.

Features The Underground Sounds Of America: Immortal Bird

These Chicago genre-defiers are here for two things: scathing extreme metal, and adorable dogs.

Features The 20 Heavy Canadian Bands You Need To Know Right Now

Here are the 20 bands from Canada who are causing avalanches in the Great White North.

The News Abbath Launches Corpse Paint Contest

Show Abbath your best corpse paint and you could win a merch bundle from the band.

Features The 50 Best American Metal Bands From the Last Decade

Here are the 50 bands who have defined American metal in the 2010s.

Features 11 Hilarious Moments of Black Metal Satire

Black metal might be grim as hell, but it’s easy to make fun of.