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Features 42 years on, Motörhead's Overkill is as awesome as ever

On the 42nd anniversary of its release, we look at how Motörhead’s Overkill remains timeless, crucial, and cool as all hell.

Features Rock and metal stars tell their favourite stories about Lemmy

On the anniversary of his death, members of Anthrax, GWAR, Life Of Agony, and more share what Lemmy meant to them.

Features 13 Of The Greatest Motörhead B-Sides

In honor of Lemmymas, here are 13 Motörhead classics you might have never heard.

Features The man behind the myths: A tribute to my friend Lemmy

No-one embodied Motörhead’s reputation more than the band’s leader, Lemmy. A friend of the man born Ian Fraser Kilmister for the best part of three decades, Kerrang!’s Mörat celebrates the wit, charm and humour of a rock’n’roll lifer…

The News Mikkey Dee: It's "Pure Wrong" That Only Motörhead's Founding Line-Up Got Nominated For The Hall Of Fame

Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee isn’t pleased with his Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction snub.

Features The United States Of Motörhead

The best 50 bars in every U.S. state for toasting Lemmy Kilmister on the third anniversary of his death.