Teenage Wrist drop new single Dark Sky featuring 311’s S.A. Martinez

Watch the video for Teenage Wrist’s new single Dark Sky, taken from their upcoming album Still Love…

Teenage Wrist drop new single Dark Sky featuring 311’s S.A. Martinez
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Teenage Wrist have teamed up with 311 vocalist Doug ‘S.A.’ Martinez for their new single Dark Sky.

Taken from upcoming album Still Love (due out on August 4 via Epitaph), frontman Marshall Gallagher explains that the song’s lyrics “were inspired by an essay written by my cousin – Suzannah Showler, phenomenal writer – about our relationship to night and darkness.

“Part of my own personal development has been accepting the things I don’t know and can’t control, forgiving and accepting myself for being flawed. So, I really connected with this idea that we are terrified of the dark on an instinctual level, but the pursuit of eradicating it – physically and metaphorically – throws the world out of balance. The ‘new pollution’ in this case is light pollution, or more in the context of the song, pursuit of what we think is right and good. It becomes exhausting and counterproductive – lately I’ve been finding it much more liberating to just admit that I know nothing.”

Of working with S.A. Martinez, Marshall continues: “We toured with 311 in the summer of 2022, and it was nothing short of life changing for me. I’ve been a diehard fan since I can remember discovering music on my own. S.A.’s voice was the first thing I heard after peeling off the plastic on the Blue album CD and popping it in my friend’s home stereo circa 1998. One of the most defining moments in my relationship with Anthony [Salazar] is when we sang Down” together at karaoke… Not only did S.A. destroy this performance, but the lyrics were 100 per cent on point and in keeping with his iconic style. A truly mind-blowing experience in Wrist history.”

Watch the video for Dark Sky below:

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