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Features How Teenage Wrist "grew the f*ck up" and learned to celebrate life

Change is in the air and Teenage Wrist are done being sad. We find out how Marshall Gallagher has learned to embrace positivity into his life, and why that’s sometimes easier said than done.

Reviews Album review: Teenage Wrist – Earth Is A Black Hole

Teenage Wrist return with the fuzz toned down and a (slightly) brighter outlook on Earth Is A Black Hole…

The News Watch the video for Teenage Wrist's new single, Yellowbelly

Californian alt.rock duo Teenage Wrist have unveiled the next slice of music from their upcoming second record, Earth Is A Black Hole.

Features 30 albums to get excited for in 2021

We look ahead to the most important albums coming our way over the next 12 months – from titans of metal to underground heroes

The News Teenage Wrist Announce New Album, Earth Is A Black Hole

Listen to Earth Is A Black Hole, the title-track from Teenage Wrist’s upcoming second LP.