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Exclusive: Spotlights Simmer With Dark Romance On New Track

Check out the haunting and beautiful new song by Brooklyn heavy psych act Spotlights.

What Spotlights get down perfectly is the comfort of darkness. The Brooklyn-based heavy psych trio’s thick, crashing riffs, echoing drums, and far-off vocals are certainly spooky and atmospheric, suggesting a misty underworld set in a teeming metropolis. But at the same time, the band’s music gives off a sense of enjoyment, a feeling that this shadowy realm is home, a place for love and life to flourish. It’s this that has allowed the band to play with acts as diverse as Glassjaw and Pallbearer — that mixture of dreamy hope and irrepressible gloom. 

The Particle Noise, the new single from the band’s upcoming new album Love & Decay, gives off this gothic dichotomy in spades. At the outset, the song’s guitars are full of jarring dissonance…but that quickly shifts with a hazy, playful influx of dual vocals and bubbling melodies that add a violet lining to the song’s reactionary edge. The result feels like an alleyway kiss in slow-motion, and will have fans of both the bleakest metal and the fuzziest shoegaze reeling along.

Describing the track, Spotlights guitarist and vocalist Mario Quintero says, The Particle Noise — is a multi dimensional song. Mainly being a love story about the beginning of the universe. A moment so intense that it encapsulates what it means to exist. This all being a metaphor for this persons infatuation with another, so strong it tears them to pieces and reforms them over and over.”

Listen to The Particle Noise below:

Immerse yourself in the incredible cover of Love & Decay:

Spotlights Love Decay Cover

To witness Spotlights live, make sure you watch their performance from our showcase with Pallbearer at St. Vitus in Brooklyn:

Posted on March 21st 2019, 2:00p.m.
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