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Motörhead Mark 40th Anniversary Of Overkill And Bomber With ‘Important News Update’

Are Motörhead gearing up for a big 1979 celebration?

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Motörhead’s genre-defining double-whammy of Overkill and Bomber – two albums packed with punked-up, raw blasts of rock’n’roll that sound as vital today as they did in 1979. The power trio of Lemmy, “Philthy” Phil Taylor and “Fast” Eddie Clarke played harder and faster than anyone else in the world at the time, influencing everyone from the Bay Area thrash scene to the frostbitten world of Norwegian black metal.

And now, as two of Motörhead’s iconic albums reach middle-age, it looks like some celebrations are in order. A video posted on the band’s official YouTube channel titled ‘We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for the following important news update…’ shows an old TV against a backdrop of Overkill and Bomber tour posters.

The TV itself plays various pieces of news footage from 1979, including the crowning of Miss UK, Margaret Thatcher becoming Prime Minister and bouts of football hooliganism. This is interspersed with snippets of Motörhead performing live at various points, including an introduction from BBC Radio 1 DJ David ‘Kid’ Jense, calling them the “Heavy metal kings” before launching into Overkill’s title track.

The video ends with a plug for Motorhead79.com, which at the moment just shows Motörhead’s infamous Snaggletooth logo and the words ‘Coming Soon.’

What this means? We don’t know for sure. But the smart guess would be a new series of Bomber and Overkill reissues, probably with a ton of ‘79 live recordings and rarities. Which we would definitely listen to.

Posted on July 23rd 2019, 10:49am
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