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Motörhead Let Fans Umlaut Their Name With Online Graphic Generator

Not only that, but you can order a shirt of it!

Few graphics are as iconic within rock’n’roll as the Motörhead — England’ logo with mascot Snaggletooth in the middle. Now, the band are giving fans a chance to create their own version of this classic image with an online generator that even provides the umlauts — and gives you the option of ordering a custom shirt with your Motörname on it.

Motörhead’s new graphics generator, called Umlaut Your Name, is simple — just type your name, and the site automatically adds an umlaut and generates the Motörhead logo with your words right below Snaggletooth (unfortunately, swear words and obviously fake names aren’t allowed, so your Äss Clöwn shirt will not be arriving any time soon).

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Not only that, but the service also has a playlist-creation app called Every Playlist Louder Than Everyone Else, which gives fans a chance to put together their ultimate Motörhead playlist. As far as a way to get your average metalhead to fritter the day away and buy shirts, this is pretty ingenious. 

Earlier this month saw Motörhead’s 1979 album Overkill turn 41, proving that even an album over four decades old can still blow the ass off of most other records put out in the modern day.

Released on March 24th, 1979, Overkill reached number 24 in the mainstream charts and saw the band move from small clubs to big theaters,” wrote Kerrang!‘s own Mörat in celebration of the record, dragging their friends Girlschool along for the ride as they toured the UK

By the end of 1979, Overkill had sold over a million copies, and, quite rightly. It features on pretty much every list of the greatest metal albums ever made. While all three members of this legendary line-up have moved on to that great gig in the sky, there can be no doubt that the record itself will remain immortal until the end of time. Overkill by name, overkill by nature.”

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Posted on March 30th 2020, 6:02p.m.
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