Tomorrow: Watch Wolf King Spew Sonic Poison At Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar

Tune in to our Facebook tomorrow to watch a furious live set by California's Wolf King.

Tomorrow: Watch Wolf King Spew Sonic Poison At Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar
Jason Boner

Opening up a metal show is always a little dicey -- the first band's got to warm up a crowd of those people excited enough to get to the gig on time. And when the bill you're kicking off includes Rivers Of Nihil, Conjurer, and Entheos, you have to fight to earn your place in the memory of those in attendance. So you might say Californian blackened hardcore act Wolf King were in a tough spot when opening up the sold-out final show of Rivers Of Nihil's Kerrang!-sponsored North American tour at Brooklyn's infamous Saint Vitus Bar. Then, they played -- and it became clear that the only tough spot in the house was the fucking pit.

Right from the start, the Bay Area quartet brimmed with energy, raging through track after track of no-nonsense gut-punching sonic fury. The band leapt around the stage and screamed along to songs from 2018's Loyal To The Soil with all the grace and poise of a slammed door. But while all of Wolf King gave the performance every last drop of their sweat, it was truly the open-mouthed rancor of frontman Tim Wilson that stole the show, with his endless bellow and desperate grimace of anguish impossible to ignore (also, nothing's better than a singer ending the night's first song by yelling his own band's name).

Want to witness this apocalyptic rager? Head to the Kerrang! Facebook pagetomorrow at 7:30pm GMT/2:30pm EST/11:30pm PST and watch our stream of Wolf King's scathing set.

Need more encouragement? Here are a couple of shots from that night:

We'll see you tomorrow.

Discussing the title of the band's 2018 album in our Underground Sounds Of America profile of the band, Tim said, "I heard the term ‘Loyal to my soil’ from Bay Area legend E40 and thought it was hella cool sounding,” says Tim. “I took that and tried to form it to what we do, since a lot of our lyrics and imagery is more death/ evil related. In my opinion it means, ‘No one will escape death, we all will meet the reaper, everyone has the same fate.’”

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