Video Nasties' New Single Is A Sonic Vat Of Boiling Acid

The new track by Liverpool black'n'rollers Video Nasties is a Z-rated blast of ripping metal mayhem.

Video Nasties' New Single Is A Sonic Vat Of Boiling Acid

The way that Video Nasties do justice to their name is pretty incredible. The Liverpool quintet's sound is harsh, catchy black metal-tinged ultra-thrash that exudes a retro deliciousness, but still feeling blisteringly modern. In this way they pay homage to the outlawed slasher movies of their namesake on their upcoming album Dominion without tripping over clumsy references or throwback solos. These guys are the band that the in-your-face metalhead character from the midnight movie is listening to before he's gutted in an ironic fashion.

Video Nasties' new single Hanging Tree is this MO put to song. Opening with a sleazy grindhouse clip, the song then rushes forward and shakes the listener by the collar for four straight minutes. Bobbing one's head becomes an inevitability among the bounding riffs and howled vocals, while the occasional samples from a classic Vincent Price movie works as creepy accompaniment rather than the load-bearing centerpieces they sometimes become in traditional horror metal.

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"Hanging Tree was a track that came together early on in the writing sessions and pushes further in the black n' roll direction," says guitarist Stu Taylor. "It's got a straight up mid/fast-pace rock groove and draws inspiration from the likes of Khold through to Iron Maiden. On hearing the track, Jeff Walker of Carcass likened it to Satyricon, which i guess is a good comparison. Because of how straight and simple the riffs are in this one we wanted to play around with time signatures, key changes and duel harmonies to give it some extra flavours.

"We’ve re-visited our love for films like Witchfinder General and Mark Of The Devil for this gruesome tale and it was only right we had Anna (Goatess Doomwych) handle the artwork," continues Stu. "We became aware of her work through our good friends Dead Witches and she captured that early '60s/'70s low budget B-movie vibe that we wanted perfectly.”

Listen to our stream of Video Nasties' Hanging Tree below:

Video Nasties' Dominion comes out Friday, March 13 via APF Records, and is available for preorder.


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