Video: Terror Eject Security Guard From Their Show For Body Slamming Crowd-Surfers

When a security guard started body slamming crowd-surfers, Terror's Scott Vogel told him to get the f**k out.

Video: Terror Eject Security Guard From Their Show For Body Slamming Crowd-Surfers

More and more these days, metal and hardcore bands are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to the safety of their fans at shows. Earlier this year, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor stopped a show to make sure his fans in the pit were okay. Now, fan-shot video has surfaced of Terror frontman Scott Vogel ejecting a security guard from their Austin, Texas, set on their current tour with Stick To Your Guns when the dude began body slamming crowd-surfers.

Video obtained by MetalSucks shows that when one security guard began body slamming crowd-surfers -- who frontman Scott Vogel invited to come up and stage-dive -- Terror decided they'd had enough. Scott stops the band mid-song and says, "Yo, you can't fucking do that to people. Get the fuck outta here! You fucking slam people -- get the fuck outta here!" The security guard throws up his hands before eventually walking away.

Watch video of the incident below:

Good for Scott. Obviously, security at shows has increased in recent years, especially since the arrest of Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe and the attacks as Paris venue Le Bataclan. That said, when a band invites their fans on stage, body slamming them into the ground is obviously a shitty look. That dude needed to go.

MetalSucks also points out that while the security guard left for Terror's set, he returned for Stick To Your Guns' performance. Harvey P., the man who was body slammed, is quoted as saying, "When Scott said it was OK to jump on stage, I did, then the security guard with the backwards hat slammed the fuck out of me. Got all kinds of marks on my back and my knee is wrecked. Was gonna fuck his shit up but I didn’t wanna get thrown out for fighting a guard. The same guy did it to a bunch of other kids too.”

Catch Terror at one of the remaining dates of their tour with Stick To Your Guns below -- just don't body slam anyone.


20 - Tucson, AZ – Club XS
21 - Las Vegas, NV – Vinyl
23 - San Diego, CA – Soma
24 - Santa Ana, CA – Observatory

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