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Watch: Ghostemane joins Omerta onstage at Vended's U.S. tour

On the penultimate night of Vended's U.S. tour, support band Omerta brought out a very special guest: Ghostemane…

Watch: Ghostemane joins Omerta onstage at Vended's U.S. tour
Emily Carter
Garrett Nicholson

Ghostemane surprised fans attending Vended's current U.S. winter tour by turning up for an onstage cameo with support band Omerta.

Ghoste performed on the song Benny Boy – taken from Omerta's 2020 debut release Hyperviolence – at Boston's Sonia venue, having shared his love for the band online previously.

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Captured by @carlosxcardenas, Omerta posted a video of the wild moment writing: "tHaNk U ghostemane f⦿R sHaRiNg tHɘ sTaGɘ wiTh uS lAsT niGhT iN b⦿St⦿N. bUffaL⦿, t⦿M⦿rr⦿W iS tHɘ lAsT dAy ⦿F t⦿Ur wiTh Vended aNd Hazing Over, s⦿ y⦿U nEEd t⦿ bRiNg tHɘ hEaT. wE kN⦿W y⦿U'rE cHiCkEns bUt aRɘ y⦿U b⦿Nɘ-iN ⦿R b⦿NɘLɘSS?"

Watch it below:

And listen to the studio version of Benny Boy:

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