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The News Ghostemane on what comes next: "It’s only going to get more untamed and unrestrained…"

Eric Whitney discusses the future of Ghostemane, as well as his black-metal side-project Baader-Meinhof.

Features Ghostemane: “I'm turning myself inside out: taking all the things that I'm feeling and wearing them on my body”

As Kerrang! catch up with heavy music’s biggest names to reflect on the suffocating stasis of 2020, we settle in for the long dark winter with Eric Whitney, who you might know by his trap-metal alter-ego Ghostemane. Here, Eric looks back over a year of personal and professional tribulation and triumph…

Features The Kerrang! staff's top 10 albums of 2020

You’ve seen Kerrang!‘s Albums Of 2020, now here’s what’s been getting the staff through the past 12 months…

Features The 50 greatest albums of 2020

The only countdown that matters: Kerrang!’s 50 greatest albums of 2020.

The News Ghostemane Drops Grippingly Dark New Video For Hydrochloride

Watch Ghostemane’s new Poppy-directed video for Hydrochloride.

Reviews Album Review: Ghostemane – Anti-Icon

America’s creepiest alt-rapper Ghostemane creates dark sonic Hell on the murky Anti-Icon…

The News Watch Ghostemane's Intense, Poppy-Directed New Video For Lazaretto

Ghostemane has dropped an incredibly intense video for Lazaretto, directed by Poppy.

Features How Ghostemane is changing the fabric of heavy music

Ghostemane’s pitch-black eighth album ANTI-ICON was a product of the most turbulent time in his life, yet he insists it is the ultimate cathartic realisation of his twisted vision. Kerrang! heads to Prague to find out why it’s taken an immersion in deepest darkness to rediscover the light…

The News Ghostemane Drops New Single And Video, AI

Watch the stop-motion animated video for Ghostemane’s new single, AI.

The News Ghostemane Announces New Album, ANTI-ICON

Watch the explosive teaser for Ghostemane’s upcoming album ANTI-ICON.

The News Ghostemane's Black Metal Project Release New EP

Listen to the new EP from Ghostemane’s black metal side-project, Baader-Meinhof.

The News Ghostemane Announces New Album With Video of An Orgy Inside a Morgue

Ghostemane has announced his 2020 album ANTI-ICON with an NSFW video on YouTube.