Album review: Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die

It’s back to brutality as usual for California deathcore titans Suicide Silence on stomping seventh album Remember… You Must Die.

Album review: Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die
Nick Ruskell

With deathcore's current upswing putting smelling salts under this heaviest of genres' corpse, it's only appropriate that one of its founding bands should return in the manner Suicide Silence have here. With 2020's Become The Hunter heading back to the source after a fruitless move into nu-metal territory on 2017's self-titled album, on Remember… You Must Die they continue to zone in on that particular stripe of heaviness is a satisfyingly chunky, angry fashion. Taut, low-end, and with double-kick that goes like a belt-fed machine gun, with the odd bit of sludgy dirge thrown in, it's a welcome transmission of heaviness from a band putting their stompiest foot forward.

If the name of deathcore's game is to ratchet up heaviness and depth of growl, then current top lads Lorna Shore are in no danger of having their gold medal taken off them just yet. Among the growls and bottom-of-the-gut noises, singer Eddie Hermida here often sounds like Randy Blythe or EyeHateGod bloke Mike Williams. You can hear some of the words and everything. But even so, it takes nothing away from just how back on track things feel. Capable Of Violence (N.F.W.) and deliciously-named whirlwind Fucked For Life are ragers, while Alter Of Self takes in a big chugging groove and batters you with it, before bringing in a discordant melody that breaks up any stodge.

As a way of reasserting themselves, Remember… You Must Die goes some way to reminding you just how deadly SS can be. The newer pack may have taken deathcore to even heavier places, but like Cannibal Corpse or Slayer, there's something reassuring about hearing them doing their thing this well so far in.

Verdict: 3/5

For fans of: Lorna Shore, Lamb Of God, Cannibal Corpse

Remember… You Must Die is out now via Century Media

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