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The News Imagine A World Where GWAR Didn't Exist In This Yesterday Movie Spoof

Check out this parody of Yesterday – imagining a world where GWAR never happened

The News GWAR To Unveil Dave Brockie Memorial In August

GWAR’s memorial unveiling will be held August 30th, with a party the following day.

The News GWAR Announce Massive North American Tour

Intergalactic shock rockers GWAR will be touring extensively in the U.S. and Canada.

Features 10 Rock Collaborations You Won’t Believe Happened

Think Green Day’s Billie Joe collaborating with Morrissey is weird? Here are ten guest spots that’ll have you wondering what happened…

Features GWAR On Halloween Is A Disgusting Bloodbath Of Epic Proportions

All Hallow’s Eve gets downright gross as Antarctica’s finest rip the Big Apple several new ones.

Features The Five Best Rock Beers On Earth

These are the five best rock or metal band collaboration beers ever brewed.


Dudes in masks, shredding in masks, swearing in masks. You get the picture – now watch the moves, too.