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The News From Bandcamp To Blackgaze: Why MØL Are Reissuing Their First Two EPs

Exclusive: Listen to MØL’s first two EPs ahead of their re-release

The News Watch Post-Black Metallers Møl Leave Danish Awards Show Stunned

Møl opened this year’s GAFFA-Prisen in typical black metal style

Features Blackgaze: A Marriage Of Metal Extremity And Atmospheric Dreaminess

Blackgaze is one of rock’s most unlikely crossovers. And Alcest, Deafheaven and rising stars MØL are exploring its darkest corners…

The News K!1718: Slash – The Making Of Rock's Last Outlaw

PLUS! Jonathan Davis, Behemoth, Asking Alexandria, Marmozets, Neck Deep, Palm Reader and loads more!

Features Release Of The Week: MØL's JORD

Harsh black metal meets dreamy shoegaze from Denmark…


As human beings, we fear the expiration of life and avoid the topic if confronted with the question of death…”