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Features The 50 greatest albums of 2020

The only countdown that matters: Kerrang!’s 50 greatest albums of 2020.

Features How NOTHING’s Bleak New Album Came To Represent The Entirety Of Existence

NOTHING’s new album The Great Dismal was originally inspired by a swamp, but soon its meaning grew to something much darker and deeper…

Reviews Album Review: NOTHING – The Great Dismal

Just what 2020 needed – NOTHING’s misery soaked shoegaze, inspired by staring at a photo of a black hole…

Features 36 Reasons To Still Be Cheerful In 2020

From huge new records to innovative livestreams, you can’t lose complete hope in 2020 just yet…

The News NOTHING Announce New Album, The Great Dismal

Philly shoegaze gang NOTHING have released the lead single from their upcoming fourth album.


Philly’s gnarliest shoegazers have made a great video.

Features "I Wasn’t Scared Of Anybody, I Stood My Ground… Even If It Got Me Beat Up Again"

NOTHING frontman Domenic Palermo talks crime, punishment and leaving the past in the past…

Features Album Of The Week: NOTHING's Dance On The Blacktop

The relentlessly cheerless Philadelphia shoegaze quartet throw an end of the world party, and no-one is welcome…

The News K!1735: Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie – A Rock Star Reinvented

PLUS! Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, Alice In Chains, The Amity Affliction, Green Day, Evanescence, Corey Taylor, Paramore, AC/DC, Incubus, Behemoth and LOADS more!


Philly ex-hardcore kids turned shoegaze geniuses return.