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The News Tenacious D On How Metallica's One Inspired Tribute

Jack Black and Kyle Gass on how Metallica’s One inspired Tenacious D’s hit single, Tribute.

The News Tenacious D Announce Tour Of U.S. Swing States

Tenacious D are heading out to promote civic action and voter registration in the swing states

The News Jack White And Jack Black Join Forces On Tenacious D’s New Song, Don’t Blow It, Kage

Listen to Tenacious D’s new song, Don’t Blow It, Kage, featuring The White Stripes’ Jack White. (Because Jack Black and Jack White. Geddit?)

Features "Tribute Was Our Mona Lisa" – An Oral History Of Tenacious D's Self-Titled Debut Album

Jack Black and Kyle Gass look back and share memories of Tenacious D’s self-titled debut album, 18 years on…

The News Watch Foo Fighters And Tenacious D Go Head To Head In A Colombian Game, Tejo

Foo Fighters, Tenacious D and Weezer face off in a local game on their current South American tour.

Features 11 Of The Best (Or Worst) TMI Moments In Rock

Here are 11 rock songs that tell you more than you ever wanted to know about your favorite artists.

Features A Deep Dive Into Tenacious D’s Tribute Video

Tenacious D’s Tribute video paid far too much attention and analysed in ridiculous depth…

Features The 15 Best Songs With 'Fuck' In The Title

Here are the 15 best tracks with our favorite dirty word in their names. And if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself.

The News Tenacious D Announce Another Wembley Arena Show

Tenacious D have announced a second show at London’s Wembley arena

The News Tenacious D Announce Wembley Arena Show

Tenacious D are coming to London to ROCK Wembley Arena


Let’s explore his body together.”