Listen to Puppy’s massive new single, My Offer

Puppy’s latest slice from upcoming album Pure Evil sees the band “pushing the tempo up” while also throwing in “the nastiest, sludgiest riff on the record”.

Listen to Puppy’s massive new single, My Offer
Emily Carter

Puppy have just dropped a massive new single, My Offer.

The track is taken from their upcoming second album Pure Evil, which is due out on May 6 via Rude Records and sees the trio aim to "reach into every corner of our musical interests and put together something that felt free and fun".

They continue of their latest single: "My Offer is – hopefully – both of those things and a pretty rare instance of us pushing the tempo up a bit. In true Puppy fashion however, we had to throw the nastiest, sludgiest riff on the record in there halfway through just to stop things getting too stale. It’s one of the new tracks we’re most excited about playing live for sure."

Puppy add of the accompanying music video, "We made the video for the track using an iPhone face-hacking app normally used for lip sync videos on TikTok, turning the technology instead onto scenes and characters from our favourite paintings by Hieronymous Bosch. The Last Judgement and The Garden Of Earthly Delights are two triptychs which juxtapose fantastic images of divine purity and grandeur with some of the most nightmarish and grotesque visuals ever painted; idealised visions of pastel purity and Edenic excess rub up against strange, bestial creatures which torture one-another amidst Hellish tableaus. It all feels very heavy metal somehow.

"We figured that if anything could make these eerie creatures more surreal and unnerving, having them sing along to the latest Puppy track might be a good place to start."

Watch the video below:

And catch Puppy on their Pure Evil headline tour in May.

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