Listen To This: 5 Songs You Need To Hear Right Now (March 2, 2020)

Garage rock, death metal, and more are part of the inaugural column of our new series, Listen To This!

Listen To This: 5 Songs You Need To Hear Right Now (March 2, 2020)

A lot of new music passes through the Kerrang! offices on a daily basis, from pop-punk to gore metal. And while we like plenty of what we receive, there are just some tracks that we need to tell the world about the minute we hear them. Welcome to Listen To This, a new weekly column where we share five new songs that make us excited to be rock fans. For everyone out there looking for something new and interesting to start off their week, get in here – you’ve got to hear this stuff.


Welcome to the inaugural installment of Listen To This: 5 Songs You Need To Hear Right Now, our new column in which we round up five new tracks every Monday that remind us why we're fans of rock'n'roll in the first place. If you've ever texted your friend saying you need them to recommend new music to kick off your week, well, we want to be that friend.

Here are five songs that have us chomping at the bit to tell people about them...

NOBRO – Don’t Wanna Talk About It (Dine Alone Music)

For fans of: KISS, The Donnas, Andrew WK

Big like ’70s radio hits, dirty like garage rock, and driven like ’90s punk – Montreal’s NOBRO play the kind of shit you want on in the background as you walk into the bar dressed to kill. The all-female four-piece’s new track Don’t Wanna Talk About It uses its mid-pace with impressive gust, stomping through jangling keys and gang vocals in a way that makes the song feel fast, even though it's slow and steady. Mood music for when you’re on one.

NOBRO’s Sick Hustle EP is out on April 3.

Karloff – I Like Blood (Dying Victims Productions)

For fans of: Devil Master, Vampire, Midnight

If you name yourself after arguably the greatest horror actor of all time, you better deliver the darkness. Thankfully, Germany’s Karloff, featuring Tom Horrified of Graveyard Ghoul, live up to their moniker, blasting through a delicious serving of horror-thrash on I Like Blood. The band’s new mini-album Raw Nights is a collection of grimy, stripped-down devil-punk cuts that feel like the music cranked out of a van in a slasher flick. Keep an eye out for the record when it drops, as this has underground classic written all over it.

Karloff’s Raw Nights is out on April 24.

Etherius – Rivers Of Sand And Blood (self-released)

For fans of: Dethklok, Arch Enemy, Darkane

If you want chugs, you’ve got ’em! New Jersey quartet Etherius go total steamroller on their new single Rivers Of Sand And Blood off of their upcoming album Chaos. Order. Renewal. While it might seem like there's a hard promo focus on Etherius as a ‘progressive’ band, don’t let that label fool you – sure, there are some guitar acrobatics and synthish atmosphere here and there, but this one’s all about the sledgehammer riffs and steady double bass. Burly as hell in all the right places.

Etherius’ Chaos. Order. Renewal. is out on April 17.

Warish – Woven (Riding Easy Records)

For fans of: FIDLAR, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Shrine

To get the big reveal out of the way, Warish is fronted by Riley Hawk, son of skateboarder Tony Hawk. But that’s not why we’re showcasing them here – while Riley could’ve started a mediocre skate punk band and gotten away with it, he’s instead leading a dirty, fuzzy, highway-baked garage outfit that smacks of everything from Guitar Wolf to early Marilyn Manson. The result is thoroughly enjoyable vacation music for lowlifes, and should be listened to at speaker-ruining volume.

Warish’s debut full-length Down In Flames is out now.

Left Cross – Hall Of Doom (Stygian Black Hand)

For fans of: Full Of Hell, Possessed, Malleus

Man, does it get bigger, meaner, and more malevolent than this? Left Cross are the newest band to champion the current wave of ‘stadium death metal’ sweeping across the scene; their Prophecy Of Conquest EP is a massive mixture of groove, thrashy, and blackened brutality. Hall Of Doom showcases each of the band’s strengths off with finesse, going from pendulous to driving in the blink of an eye. If you’re looking for something to stoke the fires of your bad mood, look no further – these Richmond, Virginia, dudes are here for you.

Left Cross’ Prophecy Of Conquest EP is out on March 13.

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