Machine Gun Kelly Rages Against Dishonest Musicians Who Use Sadness As A Marketing Tool

Machine Gun Kelly has some choice words for artists who "rack up the sympathy vote"

Machine Gun Kelly Rages Against Dishonest Musicians Who Use Sadness As A Marketing Tool

Yesterday, Machine Gun Kelly joined Kerrang! and 50 of his biggest fans for an explosive edition of Kerrang! Face To Face.

Coming live from MGK's house, just hours after he finished recording new music, the hour-long Zoom chat covered everything from spirituality to working with Travis Barker to the loss of his father.

The topic of authenticity also cropped up, with Machine Gun Kelly fan Katie telling the man himself that he comes across as more honest than most artists.

“Some musicians are honest… they’re honestly annoying," he smirked in response.

"They fucking cry about everything as a marketing tool and leave no space for people like me who’re like, ‘Yo, I actually never fucking cry about shit that I wanna cry about, but here I am today ready to cry about some shit.' But I won’t do it because you fucked the whole landscape up because you’re fuckin’ crying and went you to your label with a marketing campaign like, ‘Hey, here’s my strategy, I’m gonna fuckin’ tweet every day about how much I fucking hate myself and how sad I am and rack up the sympathy vote.’"

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Without naming any names, Kells added that he doesn't want to be in a position of what another artist is doing or follow a trend. He also doesn't want to use his platform to promote sadness.

"If I’m such an inspiration to somebody, as sad as I am, aren’t I supposed to show that there’s resilience in that sadness? Aren’t I supposed to show that you’re supposed to smile through it?

"I know the internet’s great, but it doesn’t need to necessarily be the form of how I’m going to let my diary out."

He went on to cite how new song lonely – taken from his new album Tickets To My Downfall – while being sad song, is better to experience within the context of the record that than him force-feeding it to fans.

The full video interview with Machine Gun Kelly is coming to Kerrang!'s Facebook and YouTube on October 1 at 6pm UK / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT.

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