Muse's Matt Bellamy gifted Nandi Bushell one of his signature guitars

Watch Nandi Bushell excitedly open up an incredible gift from Muse's Matt Bellamy: his signature Manson MBM-1 guitar.

Muse's Matt Bellamy gifted Nandi Bushell one of his signature guitars
Emily Carter

After grabbing the attention of Muse with her hugely popular internet covers, Nandi Bushell was recently sent one of frontman Matt Bellamy's signature Manson MBM-1 guitars.

The 10-year-old musician is building up quite the collection of awesome instruments now, having also received a Soul Power Fender Stratocaster from Tom Morello last year following a cover of Rage Against The Machine​’s Guerilla Radio.

Her latest gift arrives after a great rendition of Muse's classic Plug In Baby, with Matt acknowledging the cover in a letter accompanying the new guitar. "Hi Nandi, love the new covers," he writes. "Thought you might like to perform some on my signature model. Best wishes, from Matt and the guitar team." Awwww.

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you Matt Bellamy for giving me your signature guitar!" says Nandi in the video's description. "I love Muse and hope to jam with you, Dom and Chris one day, too."

Check it out below:

Nandi previously called her Plug In Baby video "one of my most challenging covers so far".

"The guitar and bass are so fast I really had to practice a lot to get my playing up to speed," she said. "Everything you hear is me. No backing tracks. I recorded each track using Logic Pro. This is my third Muse cover now. I want to be able to play like all three members of Muse: Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard."

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