International Women’s Day

The Latest International Women's Day News, Video, Interviews and Features

Features Manager Kristen Mulderig: "I always wanted to show that I can do exactly what you can do – and I bet I can do it better"

Kristen Mulderig has spent two decades managing some of the biggest names in metal. Here she discusses her intro to the industry, the challenges of music being free’ and shares advice for young women looking to get started…

Features Producer Catherine Marks: "No matter what barriers are in the way, you should just climb over them"

Producer Catherine Marks – who has worked with everyone from Frank Carter to PJ Harvey – shares her story of getting into the industry, mentoring artists, and the change she can see happening for women.

Features How two Australian sisters built London's best dive bar

Blondies has become a focal point of the capital’s rock scene since it opened five years ago, hosting everything from a super-intimate Mastodon gig to Frank Carter’s birthday bash. We talk to owners Verity and Sharmaine Cox about how and why they built K!’s favourite dive bar with their bare hands…

Features Employed To Serve's Justine Jones: "Putting spotlights on women in the industry is important"

Church Road Records co-founder (and Employed To Serve vocalist) Justine Jones on setting up a label during a pandemic, her role as a reluctant tastemaker, and the importance of talking to and inspiring young women…

Features In conversation with Joan Jett and Taylor Momsen: "Until women control the money, that glass ceiling is still gonna be there"

Joan Jett and Taylor Momsen sit down for an inspirational conversation about the music industry, perception, mentoring women and how to instigate real change.

Features Bloodstock's Vicky Hungerford: "It's important not to view yourself as lesser than somebody else"

On International Women’s Day, Bloodstock head honcho Vicky Hungerford shares her experiences of the music industry, why you should always back yourself and the importance of Sophie Lancaster’s legacy.

Features Saint Agnes' Kitty: "Choose to challenge the people you love, choose the difficult conversation, and we can create something beautiful"

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Choose To Challenge. Here, Saint Agnes’ Kitty discusses why it’s important to challenge those you love, even if it feels difficult or easier to ignore it. (Trigger warning: Sexual assault.)

Features Dana Dentata: "I challenge men to learn from all the bad experiences you’re reading about in the news right now"

On International Women’s Day, Dana Dentata challenges men to do better, to treat women with respect, and to break free from the shackles of toxic masculinity.

Features Sharon den Adel: "It is the right of every woman to be able to decide independently in all matters related to reproduction, including abortion"

On International Women’s Day, Within Temptation’s Sharon den Adel dissects Europe’s differing abortion laws and why it is a woman’s right to choose.

Features New Pagans' Lyndsey McDougall: "This pandemic has only dilapidated a system that was already failing mothers and carers"

New Pagans’ Lyndsey McDougall shares her respect and adoration for mothers and carers on this International Women’s Day.

Features Spiritbox's Courtney LaPlante: "I want to hold every human being accountable to actively fight for equality"

Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante muses on International Women’s Day’s Choose to challenge’ campaign, and what it means for a white woman in heavy music.

Features Meet Me @ The Altar's Edith Johnson: "Don’t set aside your comfort for boys’ egos"

On International Women’s Day, Meet Me @ The Altar vocalist Edith Johnson remembers her first experience of the male-dominated alt. scene and shares some powerful words for young women everywhere.