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Ghostemane Drops Grippingly Dark New Video For Hydrochloride

Watch Ghostemane’s new Poppy-directed video for Hydrochloride.

Ghostemane has once again teamed up artistically with his fiancée Poppy for a grippingly dark new video, Hydrochloride.

The promo follows the intense Lazaretto and the stop-motion effort for AI, all of which are taken from Ghoste’s recent 4K-rated album Anti-Icon.

Speaking to Kerrang! about the creative brilliance of Poppy, Ghostemane gushed recently, “As a visual artist, she’s just unmatched. That’s the one area of my career which I was never really able to fully realise myself. It’s a weird feeling putting a piece of myself into her hands like this, and waiting to see how it unfolds. But I’m excited. She’s an awesome partner. It’s the opposite of a toxic relationship.”

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Elsewhere in our interview, Ghoste discussed his genre-blending ways and the state of all things heavy these days by explaining, “Defining rock music these days is kinda like tip-toeing. I tend to say ‘guitar music’ more often. Is there a lack of danger in modern rock, compared to rap? Sometimes. But the feeling of inauthenticity is more about the lack of intent.

“I think that modern rock – and pop, any kind of mainstream music – is holding back massively. There isn’t one truly sad, or angry song on the radio anymore. I think there should be more intent to actually connect with people: the broken, the lost, the sad, the angry, the psychotic. For me, that’s the biggest difference from the old days.”

Check out Ghostemane’s new video for Hydrochloride below:

Posted on November 19th 2020, 1:57pm
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