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Ghostemane’s Black Metal Project Release New EP

Listen to the new EP from Ghostemane’s black metal side-project, Baader-Meinhof.

While fans await the release date for his upcoming 2020 album ANTI-ICON, metal-influenced rap artist Ghostemane has unveiled a new black metal EP.

The offering comes via his side-project Baader-Meinhof, with the three-song self-titled release made up of the tracks Evil Lives, Stuck In The Hard Place and To The Grave. Though it might surprise some listeners that Ghoste (real name Eric Whitney) has gone in this direction, he previously told Revolver of his freeing approach to musical boundaries: I think different genres are like paints, different hues and colors for expressing different ideas and emotions. So if I feel something, I follow that.

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I find the sound that fits that feeling and I push it out of me, even if it’s imperfect, even if it sounds bad, even if you can’t stand it. If it rings with my truth – if it sounds like how I feel – then it goes on the fucking record. End of story.”

Of his broad range of influences, Ghoste continued, You probably know some of my heroes, they’re not hard to find. They’re the architects, the nomads that paved the path for people like me who see the plastic mask of polite society and want to rip it off and expose what’s really underneath. Nine Inch Nails. Slipknot. Gesaffelstein. Front 242. Outkast. Three 6 Mafia. Darkthrone. Hivemind. Korn.”

Stream Baader-Meinhof below:

Posted on May 27th 2020, 2:05p.m.
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Eric Whitney discusses the future of Ghostemane, as well as his black-metal side-project Baader-Meinhof.

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