Machine Gun Kelly generic song You Tube video June 2021
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These YouTubers created their own Machine Gun Kelly pop-punk song

Listen to a fake Machine Gun Kelly pop-punk banger – which sounds like it could have fit perfectly on last year’s Tickets To My Downfall album.

YouTubers/musicians Redlight Blue and CoryBergeronRecordings have shared a new song that they created in the style of Machine Gun Kellys Tickets To My Downfall.

Paying tribute to MGK’s awesome 2020 pop-punk LPWe do both genuinely love MGK’s music and wanted to pay homage to him,” they say – the pair do a deep-dive into the sort of formula” used, studying the music and lyrics, and working out how to emulate it themselves.

Based on Tickets…, they say their fake MGK song needed to have a fast tempo, be in a major key, and use three chords / four notes. The bassline had to be be simple but the drums not so much; Machine Gun Kelly does work with Travis Barker, after all.

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They also pasted all the lyrics from the album into a word analyser, with common themes like kissing’, drinking’ and summer’ coming up, which they then took into their own track.

This is what they came up with…

In a video detailing the process, the duo share that the song was the number one post in the Machine Gun Kelly subreddit that day, with fans clearly digging the tribute. Watch it all unfold below:

Posted on June 9th 2021, 12:50p.m.
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