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Watch: Face To Face Interview With Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly joined Kerrang! on Zoom to talk life, love, loss and all things Tickets To My Downfall

Last week, Machine Gun Kelly dropped his 4K-rated pop-punk triumph Tickets To My Downfall. Packed with personality and punk panache, it’s also a gateway into MGK’s mind, as he explores ideas of love, loss, life, death and a determination to carry on.

With so much bundled into the record, we wanted to talk to the man himself all about it. Earlier this week, Kerrang! Digital Editor Luke Morton joined Machine Gun Kelly on Zoom, along with 50 of the biggest MGK fans on the planet, for what turned out to be quite the explosive interview – especially at the end.

There’s laughter, there’s tears, there’s a lot of swearing, and a peek inside the world of one of 2020’s most prolific artists. Moments after our chat, he casually released a deluxe album and a new video that he edited the night before. Madness.

Posted on October 2nd 2020, 10:38am
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