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The News Watch Cannibal Corpse's Gore-Drenched New Music Video

Severed heads, ripped-out guts, and more fill Cannibal Corpse’s latest video.

Features 10 Of The Greatest Unsung Heroes In Huge Bands

Here are 10 members of major bands who shine bright, even if they aren’t in the spotlight.

Features Every Cannibal Corpse Album Ranked From Worst To Best

On the 13th anniversary of the release of Kill, we rank Cannibal Corpse’s bloody musical rampage in its entirety.

Features 12 Metal Musicians You Need To Follow On Instagram

Sick of brunch shots and wellness quotes? Here are 12 metal musicians’ feeds that’ll have you banging your head and laughing your ass off.

The News Cannibal Corpse Tap Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan To Fill In For Pat O'Brien On Tour

Erik will play with the band follow Pat’s arrest for burglary and assault.

The News Cannibal Corpse Guitarist Had Over 80 Firearms In His Home, Warned Relatives Of 'The Rapture'

Guitarist Pat O’Brien’s firearm cache was so large that the ATF were called in.

The News Cannibal Corpse Guitarist Appears In Court To Face Charges Over Burglary And Assaulting A Police Officer

The guitarist will have to undergo a drugs test before being considered for bail.

The News Cannibal Corpse Guitarist Arrested For Burglary As His Home Catches Fire

Pat O’Brien was tased after charging deputies with a knife, all while ammunition exploded within his burning home.

The News

Someone’s added Hammer Smashed Face vocals to The Christmas Song and we’re genuinely creeped out.

Features Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, And Harm's Way Brutalize New Jersey

The gore-obsessed death metal champs bludgeon the hell out of Jersey City’s White Eagle Hall.

Features Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan Is Death Metal's Renaissance Man

The guitarist, vocalist, and producer extraordinaire discusses how he became one of metal’s most wanted talents.