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Features 10 lesser known Korn songs that everyone needs to hear

Korn are no strangers to rarities and B‑sides, lending their names to various projects over the years. Here are just 10 of their greatest unknown hits that probably passed you by…

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We look back over the greatest songs written in, er, honour of the United States’ past commanders in chief…

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The only countdown that matters: Kerrang!’s 50 greatest albums of 2020.

The News Public Enemy’s Chuck D Mocks Kanye West's Dismal Election Result

Funnily enough, Chuck D didn’t think Yeezy’s presidential wheezey was a great shout…

Features Chuck D: “Changing society with culture is a big task, especially if culture is leaning in a different way"

An audience with Public Enemy’s Chuck D, discussing his new album, American politics, growing up, and why we’ll never hear the best Prophets Of Rage song…

Reviews Album Review: Public Enemy – What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?

Revolutionary hip-hop legends Public Enemy return to bring the noise in 2020

The News Public Enemy Drop Fight The Power: Remix 2020

The track is taken from Public Enemy’s new album, What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down.

The News Public Enemy Return With New Anti-Trump Single, State Of The Union (STFU)

Listen to Public Enemy’s new single, State Of The Union (STFU).

The News "Fight Injustice. Fight Racism": Musicians Share Support For George Floyd Protests And Black Lives Matter

The rock and metal scene has rallied together to echo the sentiments of the George Floyd protests and the #BlackLivesMatter movement across the world.