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Features Third Eye Open: How Ænima solidified Tool's status as the weirdest, most singular force in mainstream metal

Surging debut Undertow had established the Los Angeles outsiders as the strangest rock rebels of the 90s. Little did we know it was just the jumping-off point. With Ænima, Tool cut the strings altogether for a thrilling trip down the rabbit-hole…

The News Danny Carey Hopes That Tool Will Record An EP During Lockdown

Tool drummer Danny Carey says the band are kind of on hiatus” right now – but he’s hoping they will regroup this year to knock out another EP”.

Features 12 bands who wouldn't be here without Tool

Tool’s sonic innovation has influenced swathes of metal bands over the years, but some owe Maynard and co. a larger debt than others

Features 10 rock stars with surprising hobbies

How do your favourite musicians unwind? Well it could be anything from rollercoasters to clowns to classic cars!

The News Tool Have Cancelled Their Previously Postponed Summer Tour

To give fans their money back during these uncertain times, Tool have decided to simply scrap their previously postponed U.S. tour.

The News Justin Chancellor Has Written New Tool Riffs In Lockdown

Tool bassist Justin Chancellor has been working on new music for the band during quarantine.

The News Maynard James Keenan On The State Of The World, And Feeling Hopeful For The Future

Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan ponders the growing pains” of getting through this situation.

Features The Outward Spiral: How Lateralus Galvanised Tool's Cutting Edge

After a half-decade away, Tool returned to a rock scene consumed by nu-metal and pop-punk. Lateralus found them surging in the opposite direction…

The News Learn How To Play Tool’s Pneuma With Guitarist Adam Jones

Tool’s Adam Jones shows how to play the band’s Fear Inoculum track on guitar.

Features Caught In The Undertow: How Tool’s Debut Album Changed The Face Of Rock Forever

In 1993, no-one saw the scene-shaking debut LP from LA outcasts Tool coming. Once its mercurial darkness took hold, however, there would be no escape…

The News Tool Postpone All Dates On Spring/Summer U.S. Tour

We have made the difficult decision to postpone the remainder of our previously announced spring 2020 performances,” say the band.

Features The 20 greatest Tool songs – ranked

Three decades in, we rank Tool’s best songs: all the way from Opiate to Fear Inoculum…