Hellions Show Off Their Dance Skills In New Video

Listen to the new track X (Mwah)!

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Hellions have just dropped the video for new single X (Mwah) and it sees the Australian four-piece throwing some sweet, sweet choreographed dance moves.

"60% of the human body consists of water. We are made of stardust atoms. These are remarkable things to contemplate - our very being is miraculous!," exclaims guitarist and vocalist Matt Gravolin. "But considering how few of our actions bear the salubrity of the water we’re composed of and how little light we’re projecting unto the world each day is enough to make one believe we are more of an aberrational race than a miraculous one. This is very much an escapist anthem, we’re embracing abandon and recklessness. We hope you enjoy it!"

Check it out below:

This is the first new music since the release of their brilliant 2016 release Opera Oblivia, so whether this is a stand-alone or part of a new album remains to be seen.

While there are no UK dates at the moment, the four-piece will be playing a very special hometown show at the Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney on Friday, March 9.

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