Is there a Roadrunner United follow-up on the way?

Roadrunner Records are teasing something related to their legendary 2005 All-Star Sessions album and concert… are we getting a part two?!

Is there a Roadrunner United follow-up on the way?
Emily Carter

Two years ago, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Roadrunner United’s All-Star Sessions album, we spoke to the late Joey Jordison about a follow-up. “Honestly, I wish I could have recorded 20 more songs for it,” he said. “I still put that fucker on and crank it up, it’s a great record and something I’m proud to have been a part of. If there’s ever a Roadrunner United part two? I’m all about that!”

Well, now it looks as though that might actually be happening, as the metal label have taken to social media to tease something Roadrunner United-related. (Though, given Joey passed away last year, it’s hard to know if he would have been involved or not.)

A video clip from the massive 2005 concert has been shared with the caption X XI MMXXII – which, depending what side of the pond you’re on, translates to the dates 10/11/2022 or 11/10/2022. Given the original album was released on October 10, 2005, we’re going to opt for the latter, and we hope it means there’s going to be some sort of announcement on October 11…

Check out Roadrunner’s teaser below:

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